PhD Students

MSc and BSc Students

  • Kaspar Hageman – The Performance of ECC Algorithms in DNSSEC: A Model-based Approach, 2015
  • Justyna Chromik- Booters (black)list, 2015
  • Erwin Middelesch (MSc Kerckhoffs Institute) Anonymous and hidden communication channels, 2015
  • Terence Slot (MSc Kerckhoffs Institute), APT malware by comparing external and internal network traffic, 2015
  • Wouter de Vries (MSc Kerckhoffs Institute) How asymmetric is the Internet? – A study to support DDoS Mitigation Approaches, 2014
  • Daniel van der Steeg (MSc), Flow-based DDoS attack detection in Cisco IOS, 2014
  • Mattijs Jonker (MSc Kerckhoffs Institute) Flow-based SSH Dictionary Attack Detection: the Effects of Aggregation, 2014
  • Mark Wierbosch (MSc Kerckhoffs Institute), It is raining packets, 2014
  • Luuk Hendriks (Msc), SSH Compromise Detection using NetFlow and IPFIX, 2014
  • Jarmo van Lenthe (MSc Kerckhoffs Institute), Combining Multiple Malware Detection Approaches for Achieving
    Higher Accuracy, 2014
  • Gijs van den Broek (Msc),Real-World Analyses of Internet Protocols, 2012
  • Ivo Beckers (BSc) The Distribution of Data Traffic using Flow Data, 2012
  • Rick Hofstede (MSc), IPFIX Export for the Ethernet-Layer, 2011
  • Rick Hofstede (BSc), Investigation of information sources for network monitoring, 2009
  • Gert Vliek (MSc), Detecting spam machines, a Netflow-data based approach, 2009
  • Stephan Roolvink (MSc), Detecting DDoS attacks involving DNS servers, a Netflow-data based approach, 2008
  • Daan van der Sanden (MSc), Detecting UDP attacks in high speed networks using packet symmetry with only flow data, 2008
  • Joris Kinable (BSc), Detection of network scan attacks using flow data, 2008

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