How to Exchange Security Events? Overview and Evaluation of Formats and Protocols


Network-based attacks pose a strong threat to the Internet landscape. %As of today network flow-based information is used as data source for detecting anomalous network traffic because flow data yields an aggregated view on the network and protects the users’ privacy. Recent approaches to mitigate and resolve these threats focus on cooperation of Internet service providers and their exchange of security event information. A major benefit of a cooperation is that it might counteract a network-based attack at its root and provides the possibility to inform other cooperative partners about the occurrence of anomalous events as a proactive service. In this paper we provide a structured overview of existing exchange formats and protocols. We evaluate and compare the exchange formats and protocols in context of high-speed networks. In particular, we focuses on flow data. In addition, we investigate the exchange of potentially sensitive data. For our overview, we review different exchange formats and protocols with respect to their use-case scenario, their interoperability with network flow-based data, their scalability in a high-speed network context and develop a classification.

14th IFIP/IEEE Symposium on Integrated Network and Service Management (IM 2015)